It Has Been a Long Time 

It has been a long time

Since we met

Since we talked

Since we shared our laughter

Shared our problems

It has been a long time…


It has been a long time

Since you’ve been frank to me

Since you threw a real smile to me

Since you leaned on my shoulder

Sharing beautiful night with me

It has been a long time…


It has been a long time

Since I missed you

Since I rang you

Since I thought about you

In the middle of the night

It has been a long time…


I guess the word LOVE does not cause any spark within me anymore like it used to

I guess our LOVE ship had bumped into a big iceberg of misunderstanding

Sunk deep into ocean of no return






True Companion

May 11, 2007

The True Companion 

When life starts to seem meaningless,

When it begins to fade,

When it all seem too fake,

When love begins to backfire at us,

When the person we love most seems not to appreciate our love,

This life, suddenly seems like not important,

We feel as if we can’t make it to the end of the line,

As if we are living this life just because we don’t want to die too soon,

We feel like nobody cares, nobody notices us,

That’s when we would find the truth that the only true companion to us



Malaysiaku Berjaya

May 11, 2007

Negara Malaysia, tanah tercinta

Negara Malaysia, tanah tercinta

Rakyat jelata berbilang bangsa

Kuala Lumpur ibu kota

Kota indah, kota orang kaya

Penduduknya pelbagai ragam, pelbagai budaya

Penyangak, pencuri dan penipu pun ramai juga

Rakyat jelata, haruslah berjaga-jaga

Jangan leka walau sesaat sahaja


Sungai tercemar, udara berbisa

Sama seperti fikiran penduduknya

Kedai VCD haram tidak kurangnya

Sama seperti bilangan penagih dadahnya

Bawah jambatan lepaknya penagih kita

Kadang diserbu pihak berkuasa

Untuk Program 999 ke udara

Pelancong kutuk, kita diam sahaja

Bukan kerana ‘Kempen Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita’

Tetapi kerana kita tahu, itulah hakikatnya


Sampai bila kita hendak tutup mata, pekak telinga?

Tunggu siapa, Karam Singh Walia?

Atau sampai Edisi Siasat menghebahkan berita?

Itu baru cerita tentang najis dadah

Belum tentang peragut beg wanita

Pencuri kereta, penyamun bersenjata

Yang seludup barang berharga

Tanpa bayar cukai negara


Soalnya, siapa yang tunggu siapa?

Pihak berkuasa?

Berkuasakah mereka?

Jika ya, mengapa biar sahaja

Penyeludup, penyangak, pencuri untuk berjaya

Tauke VCD cukup kaya

Beli rumah baru hanya untuk parking kereta

Along pula bermaharajalela

Lagak bak businessman, cukup bergaya


Hakikatnya pula, rakyat yang teraniaya

Kerajaan miskin, rakyat merana

Yang kaya, cari isteri muda

Yang miskin pula makin papa

Kepada siapa boleh aku bertanya

Tolonglah aku, tolonglah mereka, tolonglah kami semua

Jawapannya belum aku jumpa

Tetapi aku tak nak tunggu sampai jadi tua…

The digg effect

May 11, 2007


The digg effect… 

            Digg. It was not a word until Kevin Rose decided to make it as one. Soon, it would be included in the urban dictionary as the ultimate source of information for not only geeks but also for the pedophiles and non-pedophiles (as stated in a film, cruel intention; Email is for geeks and pedophiles). Ya, I’m talking about  website and its effect to many websurfers like me. I heard about it about a year ago. Then, as they say it, it was love at first sight.

            Spending two hours a day surfing the web that can be found in is the least you can do when we talk about resisting its attraction. We cannot ignore it, we cannot sideline it, we simply have to type on the address bar of IE and enter. The world of diggers.

            You are exposed to the news that matters most and news that will make you smile, laugh and think. If your pool of knowledge is begging for new information, you can always go to and find yourself something that you can tell your friend to impress them. It’s not the simplicity that attracted me and million others; it’s the practicality of the website itself, the hottest-or-most-interesting-news-around-the-web-only concept that makes us to use it as the primary source of daily news.

            This of course has some setbacks, one of it is the decrease in productivity in us, we are basically addicted to world of information; internet. acts just like the syringe to the addiction of internet coke.  

Life, Lie, Love, Lives


I’m sure that you’ve loved at least a couple of people in this world (generally those 1st two persons would be our parents). And I’m also very sure that the person you’ve loved have lied to you at least in one instance (although this would actually generally refer to ‘the’ loved one, such as boy or girlfriend or our spouse). Right?

So, the question is, how do you perceive this? And how you handle it after you’ve been told by them that they had told lies to you?

So, the tough part begins. There are generally two ways that you can perceive this situation, but which one exactly is the right way? Or is there one?

Whether you will accept the fact that they care and love you enough to tell you that they have lied to you before, or would you be more interested on what are the untold, darker lies that they haven’t tell you yet?

Of course the more morally and ethically correct answer would be the former, where you accept that they are being honest to you because they love you too much to continue to hide their lie from you. But the question is how many people will accept it this way, without being hypocrite? Just who in this world on their right mind would say that a lie is acceptable when it is revealed by the liar himself? And can you guarantee that you will accept whatever that person telling you now and not to suspect them whether they are actually telling you the truth instead of lies in future?

Tough to answer. Tough to be honest too. But when you are asked to make a choice, which one will you make? Would you accept the apology and forget the past or would you begin to think about lies and be more careful with them? Would this be the breaking point of your relationship or would be accepted as the evidence of their love on you?

My second first blog…

April 18, 2007

Hi there,

I’m new to blogging; actually not spanking new as i’ve tried it a few months back in other blogging website but i found it too time consuming so i decided not to continue it anymore.

Then i realized that i have too many opinions and points to make to the world and do not have the place to present it. So, this would be my more motivated second try to maintain the blog and update it as frequent as i can.

I started the blog to state my opinion about everything that matters to me, everything that has to be said and has to be expressed. I know that everything that i say is my responsibilities and i have to live my words, but at least i know where to say it and not be ashamed of it.

This blog is to anyone that wants to agree with me or wants to criticize on my opinion. Besides, i think it’s cool to have a blog and be able to express your emotion, feelings and opinion to others.

I welcome all kind of comments, which are expected to be constructive and mind stimulating. If i stated a point that you couldn’t agree, you are free to comment on it. But please make sure that you are able to state the problem and present the solution as this would make you look more intelligent compared to me.